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Gina Offenstine

FOS Board – Membership Committee Co-Chair
Work Phone: (781) 801-8824
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Gina has lived in Saxonville for seven years with her husband Herb Everett. She owns and runs Past Prezence and SensationWear. She and Herb have a space in the Saxonville Mills where they work together. Gina’s focus is to sell her private collection of vintage housewares, furniture, purses and ladies clothing.

Living outside the USA for more than 20 years of her life, she has collected quite a large assortment of unique and rare items. Gina was in the textile business for over 15 years living in Hong Kong, and traveled all over Asia. She then moved to France and stayed there for four years, while stopping for a short nine months in Doha, Qatar before settling in the Boston area. She always tells people she meets that New England is the best place on Earth and she should know! Now she says that Saxonville is where she will stay indefinitely.

Gina has twin children, Adam and Marina, 24 years old, which she raised alone until she met Herb. They married in 2014 at the Village Hall in Framingham.

When Gina is not busy listing her items on a cool website called “Chairish”, she works on many projects involving pallet wood. She and Herb have a large woodworking shop which is part of their space in the Mills. Being creative with old pallet wood is something Gina enjoys tremendously. She says it is like therapy in a way – watching those old pallets which would normally end up in a landfall being recreated into something beautiful and functional, not to mention saleable! She has also been spotted around town picking up stuff which people throw away, and either resells it or uses it in a creative way artistically.

Life is good for Gina as she lives right across the street from the Mills and has a choice to either walk to work or drive. Most days she drives because she brings the rest of the family in the car to work which includes “ Jack the Parakeet” and “Lizzie and Bruiser,” the cutest Chihuahuas you will ever meet!