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Herb Everett

FOS Board – Trailheads Initiative Chair
Work Phone: (508) 725-1123
No Photo Available


Perhaps the tallest gizmologist ever to cast a shadow across Saxonville, Herb’s height is increased by the size 15 and very plushly padded Hoka sneakers he wears to from and around his and his wife Gina’s shop in the Mills. He once hit his head on the architrave of the Athenaeum front porch, hence the building’s rough condition. There will be a lot of hat passing to come up with $3.6 M to fix the place up properly.

Herb has also been seen working on local trail maps and local signage, causing mischief at local ZBA hearings, rummaging through piles of industrial metal scrap, and chasing his dogs Bruiser and Lizzie through the Mills. At his desk, 3D drawings consume much of his time, often studying some pesky issue to upgrade the Mills accessibility, or just exactly how to fit-up tenant spaces in the Mills.

Adjacent tenants in Mill 5 complain about the noise from Gina and Herb’s workshop as they cut up unwanted old wood pallets and thread their black iron pipe. With these materials, they try their best to offer their versions of unseen and unheard of industrial reclaimed furniture.

Mr. Everett readily admits that he does not like the fact that Jack the parakeet likes Gina more. Still, he admires that little bird and recommends everyone get a budgie just for the fun of it.

On the whole, folks who know him would say he cares a lot about the village of Saxonville and how it can be improved for everyone’s enjoyment. Imagine the small green spaces near McGrath Square spruced up, tasteful nifty hydroelectric gear at the dam, public artwork, and busy businesses. It’s a challenge but that’s the direction we are heading.