Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of Saxonville is to educate the public about the special identity of Saxonville, an historic neighborhood of Framingham, Massachusetts, and to preserve, enhance, and protect its cultural, economic, environmental and historical qualities.

Athenaeum Community Hall

This 19th century Saxonville historical landmark has fallen into disrepair. We help support the cost of restoration to provide accessible, modern meeting spaces for small to large groups.

River Stewards

Advocates of the Sudbury River whose goal is to restore its health and recreational use.

Village Center Improvement

Created to preserve and enhance the cultural and natural resources in and around Saxonville’s McGrath Square, the village’s historic business center. Our focus is on calming traffic and increasing walkability, facilitating local economic development, celebrating local history, and reducing visual blight.


The Committee promotes public awareness and use of recreational trails of all types in the Saxonville area. While coordinating with Framingham Department of Public Works and regional Trails and Recreation Committees, we advocate for and participate in the maintenance of existing trails, facilitate new trail links between existing trails, and facilitate new trail projects.