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Ronald Chick

River Stewards Committee Chair
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Ron spent his early years, mid 50’-70’s, in the cities of Somerville and then Revere. The woodland of North Revere took him off of the sidewalk and into the woods walking, building campfires and forts with friends. His family moved a short walk to Revere Beach. Now he had a new playground – the beach and ocean. Such a delight for a teenager growing up with an amusement park and a beach just minutes away. In that era, he spent most of his time outdoors interacting with the environment.

In 1974, Ron moved to Framingham where he taught elementary school for 35 years. As a teacher, he taught all subjects, but enjoyed science the most. For several years he took his fifth grade classes to a five-day overnight environmental education program in Sudbury, Sharon and Cape Cod. There, the students engaged in hands-on education of both terrestrial and wetland ecosystems in programs taught by experienced environmental educators. This was the highlight of the year for Ron and most of his students.

Ron moved to Saxonville in the early 80’s, where he resides today. He has the privilege of the Sudbury River being an extension to his back yard, connecting him to his childhood at Revere Beach.

He feels a sense of wonder to see the seasonal ever-changing canvas of a river ecosystem in action. On occasion he has viewed river otter, muskrat, beaver and bald eagles there. He delights in viewing waterfowl migrations, hearing the trumpet of bullfrogs bellowing as the summer advances, and observing the trees budding, leafing and showing a pallet of color in the fall. Then the starkness of winter showcases the river void of seasonal vegetation. Ron appreciates watching it flow, freeze, become snow covered, thaw and re-freeze throughout this season. In the summer, he enjoys seeing individuals and families in kayaks, canoes and boats cruising and maybe fishing on the river, appreciating the great natural resource that it is.

Ron received the League of Women Voters River Stewardship Award 2017. He is the Framingham Representative of the SuAsCo River Stewardships Council and a member of the Sudbury Valley Trustees, OARS, and Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society.

He earned a Bachelor of Science from Boston University, a Master of Education from Antioch University and is a Massachusetts Licensed Real Estate Broker. Ron is a lifetime member of the National Education Association and Massachusetts Teachers Association.