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Sax Art Floodgates Murals Chosen!

Saxonville Floodgates Murals

Sax Art is excited to share an opportunity to bring public art to the Saxonville community. This project, through a collaboration with Friends of Saxonville and the Framingham Cultural Council, will fund the creation of two murals on the Sudbury River Floodgates between 1545-1555 Concord Street, Framingham, MA. The theme for these murals is an artistic interpretation of the Sudbury River’s importance to Saxonville’s founding and emergence as an industrial mill hub for Framingham. Artists Lena McCarthy and Mia Cross will receive $5,000 per floodgate ($10,000 total), which includes materials. 

Please help us reach our goal!
We still need to raise about $3000 by the end of July 2021 to make both murals a reality. You may donate via Kickstarter here or make a check out to “Friends of Saxonville” and write “Sax Art” on the memo line and mail to Friends of Saxonville, P.O. Box 3236, Framingham MA 01705.

Description of proposal for Sudbury River floodgates
“Mia Cross and Lena McCarthy first met many moons ago at church in Natick, then reunited years later as roommates at Boston University, and have grown as artists, peers, and close friends since attending school together. Cross and McCarthy have been eager to collaborate on a mural for many years, and feel this is the perfect opportunity to create a piece for the place that has fostered much of their creativity {Mia was born and raised in Framingham and Lena {hailing from Wayland} has created a second home at her studio at the Saxonville mills}.

We have designed a mural that is linked by color and repeating stylistic elements that also shares our individual styles. At the heart of both pieces is our appreciation for nature. Ironically, since meeting in church, nature has become our church. Through much of our art we express the serenity, beauty, and magic of the Earth. And through this collaboration we want to emphasize the importance of creating a harmonious relationship between the city’s residents and the river. Each of our pieces highlight several of the beautiful species (animals or fauna) that call the Sudbury River home. Our goal is to make passersby pause, take a breath, and thank the river for another beautiful day!”

The jurors were:
Brandon Ward, Friends of Saxonville
Mauricio Perez, Framingham Cultural Council
Charlotte Finley Maynard, Owner, Saxonville Mills
Alaa M. Abusalah, City of Framingham
Marc Cote, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Framingham State University
Sorin Bica, Artist and Project B Gallery Founder
Lynne Damianos, Friends of Saxonville

Sax Art Logo

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RiverFest 2021

June 19 and 20, 2021 – Virtual and self-guided events
Join us for a full weekend of fun, free, family oriented activities celebrating our Wild and Scenic Rivers (Sudbury, Assabet and Concord) in six communities. Check back for updates about schedules.


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In April 2016, the Friends of Saxonville launched a new committee named the “TrailHeads” which is dedicated to the trails of all types in the Saxonville area. The committee includes several members of the Cochituate Rail Trail (CRT) committee. Because the CRT is essentially done and open, and because the Friends of Saxonville is already involved in the area trails, the Friends wanted to combine the experience and talents to continue the efforts to develop quality recreational trails.

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Athenaeum Hall is a 19th century Saxonville historical landmark. During its storied past it had many uses, including hospital, jail, newspaper press room for The Saxonville Mirror, polling place and school. It was also used as a hall for dances, lectures, plays, religious services, sporting events, veterans’ meetings and wedding receptions.

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Saxonville Fire Station Dedication Video

Watson Place Station is decommissioned and A Street Station is dedicated on 9/17/2019

Saxonville Video

by Ender Gokay of Mediterranean Turkish Cuisine, 8/9/2017


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